The third gallinitas gaggle

Thank you very much to Sardine for hosting our third gallinitas, this time in el monte, with some very special voices serenading us from a not so far a place.

This turned into our beauty “segment”, where Jujube’s skin regime was requested:

  1. Retinoids. Called Retin-A (or tretinoin), available at pharmacies locally. Use only small amounts and no often. I use a cream at 0.05%, I recommend starting with 0.01%, and only once or twice a week. Sunscreen is a must as it makes you a lot more sensitive. Only ishness proven to reverse photo aging.
  2. Glycolic acid: while tretinoin takes care of erasing some mistakes, this stuff also known as AHA helps with loosing dead skin cells. I got mine from Avon for 10$ on sale. Don’t use high concentrations. I recommend this one:
  3. SUNSCREEN! Always and high spf.
  4. Aveeno sensitive skin lotion: I use it on my face.
  5. Baby shampoo washes my hair AND my face. Apparently helps prevent eye infections (as per my M.D.)
  6. Monologues and dialogues really give you a nice glow.

Obviously, all the yadi yada of good diet and drinking lots of water. Sugar breaks me out. Also, if your skin is very sensitive, give yourself plenty of rests between the retinoid and glycolic acid treatments.

How I use it: Retinoids at night (dry face, let sink in, then apply shitloads of moisturizer). Sleep. Wash face in morning, apply glycolic acid, let sink in. Again, apply shitoads of moisturizer. Add sunscreen. Makeup on top.

Bras and the girls

I may not look it because I wear a good bra, but yes, my girls are DDs. My band size is 32 though.

Measure yourself up: once underneath your boobs and on top of your boobs. First number is your band size, then subtract your first measurement from your second. Do not add any inches to either, that shit is dumb, unless you’re rounding up to the next band size. According to your results:

Cup sizes from Wiki



One of my google results for “cup size”

Just to give you an idea how important sizing is: (this is the same around measurement, interpreted with different cup and band sizes)Equivalent Cup Sizes

Also, this stuff is awesome and helpful when e-shopping for the brassières:

This is very interesting:

I use “Chantelle” bras, which have been the only things that are comfortable so far. They last long and I don’t look like I’m chasing a small rodent under my clothes throughout the day through my re-adjustements. I found a nifty little ebay store that sells em pretty cheap too, right here: Go Mommy Store

Congratulations to Sel for her immense logro! And for writing a kick ass application!

This is how happy we are for you:


It’s hard to smile with beaks, but we’re really really happy.

A condensed version of our meeting:

  • Carry a rock. (Wiri)
  • Maybe visit this website for more high-tech solutions to rock
  • Hide yo kids, hide yo wife. They atracando e’reone up in here.
  • Crash into potential atracadores. (Wiri)
  • Look out for other sistas.
  • If you wanna smoke, get a free e-cig kit from victory cigs (for those of us who have a hard time with just chewing gum)
  • Take care of yo face.
  • Have adorable dogs (Sardine)
  • Get overly enthusiastic with filling glasses (Jujube)
  • Avocadoes make a really nice pie.
  • Bownies are always delish. (Sardine!)
  • Jujube takes the piss way too much about the rock thing by suggesting we make rock soup.
  • We’re really liking our cellulite and we’re feeling pretty damn beautiful.
  • Beauty
  • Boys

Be excellent to each other, gallinitas!  Did I miss anything?

Vino: 8, Gallinitas: 0